Bath Time

I got to go to work with Mom today…which is cool because I can hang out, checkout chick dogs, and talk to Mom while she works. I thought is was a hangout day….

I was tricked……it was bath day….

C’mon ….really? On Friday? You know I am headed strait for,the woods this weekend….mud, snow, and mystery stuff to roll in.

I really don’t like baths. Dad has even tried to make them fun. I just don’t get it. Mom is into baths. Every night she is in there for like 3 hours…and you can’t tell me its not….I’m a watch dog….I know time.

She is in there long enough to have like a six course meal. Ranger and I nose our way in because there are all kinds of treats. The other day there was a milkshake, a few energy drinks, and beneath the bubbles was some kind of something brewing….we kept hearing bubbles rumble to the top. Maybe she has a BBQ grill in there. I heard her say something about gas…

Anyway I got my useless bath today….ready to hit the trails with Dad in the morning…


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This has been a ruff month. Spent a few nights in ER because I got into Ranger’s dumb @$$ pills, had to wear a cone of shame while some burns healed up, and now I chipped a tooth. Its all beause of the bowling ball that lives next door. Dozer…he looks like a Marine mascot. He’s pretty stupid. Ranger is stupid…but that is by choice.

Ranger is recreationaly stupid. Its how he gets attention. The walking stump next door….he is in the shallow end of the gene pool when it comes to smarts….its like a wading pool for kids. you know, the little pool that is warm eventhough it isn’t heated. In fact…his end was so shallow, it was a puddle. Yep, that’s dozer.

So the other day I was strutting my stuff, and one way I do it is to bark and tear up the fence. Stumpy next door likes to head butt the fence. After a few days, dad has to replace the slats. The other day, I cought my tooth on a nail and chipped it so bad I had to have it taken out.
So here I am….the $6000 dog back in the vet. They took my tooth in the same way they took my manhood….I go to sleep and its gone. Its like following a cute shiztzu home and waking up in an ice bath with a note saying “don’t move, call 911….”

While I am here…I should mention I am being ignored…. Can’t find good help these days! Where is that buzzer thing to call the nurse? Oh….I was chewing on it….
Once Bitten, Twice Shy,





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Prayers for Trigger

Thanks for all the prayers….will go into details later

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Calling out a Poser

Yep…checking out youtube today on the iPaw and I found this poser.

I have been driving for a long time now…. not just driving but doing expeditions with my Dad.

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Geo Dog

Ok….so it goes without saying I am not much of a hunting dog. Dad never brings it up, but I know he loves the pursuit. That’s why he chases mom around the house with fish he caught, birds he shot, and once I understand it involved live lobsters. This ends with some kind of wrestling match…yuk!

Mom and Dad are funny like that. We can be hanging out, watching a fireplace video from Netflix, Dad with his decaf, Mom with Cider, and me taking samples of both when they are not looking. Then all of the sudden Mom will yelp. Not suttle, but loud like a rat crawled up her leg. A real loud shriek that wakes neighbors and stops squirrels in their tracks. Then they wrestle for a bit….yuk!

So I have been teaching Dad about Geocaching. He is pretty good….I am a master of it. All my abilities to sniff and look have led to a great partnership. He finds cool caches on, loads them into his gps and my iPaw, load the Jeep up with lots of snacks, and head out for a day of adventure!

I love running through the woods and the desert. With my doggie packs on, I bound out of the Jeep when Dad says its okay and we hunt down the cache. I love all the toys inside. Yep I am all about traditional caches, the ones you trade stuff….most of the stuff I trade for has to be chewable….most of the stuff I put in the cache….already chewed….

Sometimes we let Abby and Ranger go….Abby is really good at it….Ranger likes to eat poo….yuk!

We usually end the day with 5-10 caches under our belt, stop off for a quick snack and head back home where the wrestling matches continue….

As long as they don’t start dressing with the funky costumes and mask when they wrestle…..yuk!



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What…no Santa?

Man am I bummed…. I can’t find a Santa anywhere to take my list. I know I had some “incidents” this year but nothing so bad that Santa would by-pass the whole BOI area. My buddy Antoine at least got pics with an elf….well he says she was an elf. Somehow getting pics with an elf with a job resume that has 38-26- 34 on it doesn’t sound like one of Santa’s helpers…then again….

Then Abby didn’t go see Santa last year and this year isn’t even mailing him a letter. She is going to blow it for me and Ranger. My world is quickly going out of balance. Mom texted tonight and said that Santa Paws showed up at work….but she texted Dad and not me…. He was out with Abby and left his phone….crud….Santa Paws creeps me out, but at least he hooked me and my buddy up last year…if I only had keys to the Jeep…

So Santa….if you are out there, I sure wish you would come out to BOI so I can see you and tell you that I am really a good puppy.

I stopped playing cup hockey at 4 am and now only pounce at 630…

I limited my coffee stealing to mornings Dad is getting his hair cut and have learned not to spill it over and only lick off what is left on the outside of the lid….

I have been nice to the rodent living in our tree….

As hard as it has been, I have not placed my nose in a single inappropriate place…except for the blonde at the car show, but that was on a dare so it doesn’t count…

When I bit through the fence, I let Dad know right away by standing in Bruno’s yard and barked (name changed to protect Bruno)

Found that maniac dog we fostered when he escaped….

Stopped sending small puppies down playground slides…. (that was barking funny)….

See it has been a tough year and I really need a Santa….


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Going into Business…. Doggie Day Care

I miss the days I could go to doggie daycare. Mom’s new gig has her gone when everyone else is home, so I have put on a few LBs hanging out with nothing to do. So I am starting a doggie daycare! Seriously….I am barking at mom to get this thing going. She is home during the week and she can offer great day care for pups and I would have friends to play with! Preety cool eh? So if you know of anyone that has a pup that is lways stuck at home or has to go to some cramped kennel….and lives in theBoise area….mom and I will keep him or her! Cool yard, lots of room inside, tons of toys, and a couch we cancrash on!

Come on and play!


UPDATE: Mom found a gig with a really nice vet and without all the drama or odd work hours….so I need a play date…..

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Blog Fading

Yep I know…so just quit your yapping… I blog faded for awhile. Been busy keeping Ranger and Dad in line. We have spent a whole summer traveling around in the Jeep letting people know about adventure, rescue pups, NBRAN, and other stuff.

I am the luckiest pup in the world and I let my Dad know it all the time. When he walks in the door, when he is working in our man-cave, and especially at 4 in the morning when I pounce on him.

Now I’m not sure how much he appreciated it, but the other day when he took mom to breakfast, Ranger and I tagged along in the Jeep. I couldn’t help to notice that the pillow in the back was over-stuffed….and knowing that ranger like a squishy feel on his pillows I took a bunch of the stuffing out. I also modified Dads iPad cord. Well I modified all the cords going to his GPS, Ham Radio, iPad, iPod, and his phone. I converted his whole off-road navigation system to a wireless set up.

So far this summer I have been all across Idaho, Oregon, and got a peek into Nevada. We have loys of pictures, post cards, and man, I got doggie treats at every coffee place that offered them! We even had a cool picture of me and Dad on the Snake River when we took my Dad’s Dad (Grand Paw Dad?) that is HUGE! It is getting framed by a special lady who frames people and dogs!

Speaking of coffee….did you know that you can get pumpkin spice coffee right now? Dads not into it…but Mom is….and she falls asleep on the couch allot and can’t figure out how she can sleep after having so much coffee….in the mean time I’m using it like barking jet fuel to propel me through the yard!

Also, I got to play we Abby allot to help her become a flag football star. She runs around in the backyard with us to get faster. Now if I can get her to chase squirells.

Speaking of which….I found out there in a Ninja school in our tree…but more on that later!

Not Fade Away


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The Chump

Somebody help me see the bright side of this… I just get my Dad back, we are headed out for a road trip this week, there is a rumor we might hook up and spread some good news about NBRAN through Adventure IQ…and “Chump” shows up!

“Chumps” mug shot…turn to the right…


Okay he is pretty cool- not.  He is pretty quiet…not…and it’s like he is not even there…NOT!

His real name is Champ and he was turned in to one of those kill shelters in the Jerome area. After talking to him I guess he was pretty close to getting the needle like me. So we have that in common. He is a bit more of a hick than me, but we will get that worked out. He says he has Ninja skills and is a proven escape artist. I told him life here is pretty good so he should put those away.

I guess too often people get involved in a cause and never follow through. Sure, sending cash to your local food bank is cool, sending the cans of Hominy- not so much. Donating nice clothes to a charity- good…donating stretched out undies…not good…well in this case Dad decided to hold on to his over grown corn and keep his laundry to himself and jumped in to save this mutt. Its like moving from giving that toothless guy money for a burger and taking him into Sizzler for a steak….bad hygiene and all.

At a year and a half, he is still a puppy. He has no social skills, and not only did he pee on Dad’s bushes…he dropped a load right in the middle of the race track! Dude- come on—we got a special place for that!

Getting to know my foster brother…crap…I said “brother”

I think he is only here for a week or so— but if you know a good home…BARK IT! If you know a couple of humans who breathe and can speak halfway intelligent, let them know I have a pup for them.

Living in hominy…

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Night Ops

Well mom has been working at a new clinic and though we don’t go to doggy daycare anymore, I get more time with her at home and more time with Dad at night.

She is working as the ICU nurse on the night shift on weekends. This means she sleeps during the day. This means Ranger and I get to cuddle wih her on Mondays and Fridays. This means I am nocturnal and drive Dad crazy Tuesday to Thursday! It also means Dad has to get us out of the house so she can sleep on Saturday and Sunday…all of that translates to ROAD TRIP!!!!

It also means that Mom looks like a zombie at 4 in the afternoon. Its kind of fun to see her staggering her way to the shower during daylight hours…think Lindsay Lohan after a binge and on her way to community service.

Its been tough to be good for her and sleep all day…well no it hasn’t sleeping all day in the summer is pretty cool…oh yeah…no pun intended…but yep— a great way to stay cool. The hard part is not to hit Dad with all my pent up energy.

Since I am a Ninja– working the night shift is easy since we Ninja’s prefer darkness. We are night warriors…masters of the dark…we own the night. Ranger–once again is not a Ninja– he is afraid of the dark…

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