This has been a ruff month. Spent a few nights in ER because I got into Ranger’s dumb @$$ pills, had to wear a cone of shame while some burns healed up, and now I chipped a tooth. Its all beause of the bowling ball that lives next door. Dozer…he looks like a Marine mascot. He’s pretty stupid. Ranger is stupid…but that is by choice.

Ranger is recreationaly stupid. Its how he gets attention. The walking stump next door….he is in the shallow end of the gene pool when it comes to smarts….its like a wading pool for kids. you know, the little pool that is warm eventhough it isn’t heated. In fact…his end was so shallow, it was a puddle. Yep, that’s dozer.

So the other day I was strutting my stuff, and one way I do it is to bark and tear up the fence. Stumpy next door likes to head butt the fence. After a few days, dad has to replace the slats. The other day, I cought my tooth on a nail and chipped it so bad I had to have it taken out.
So here I am….the $6000 dog back in the vet. They took my tooth in the same way they took my manhood….I go to sleep and its gone. Its like following a cute shiztzu home and waking up in an ice bath with a note saying “don’t move, call 911….”

While I am here…I should mention I am being ignored…. Can’t find good help these days! Where is that buzzer thing to call the nurse? Oh….I was chewing on it….
Once Bitten, Twice Shy,





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