Geo Dog

Ok….so it goes without saying I am not much of a hunting dog. Dad never brings it up, but I know he loves the pursuit. That’s why he chases mom around the house with fish he caught, birds he shot, and once I understand it involved live lobsters. This ends with some kind of wrestling match…yuk!

Mom and Dad are funny like that. We can be hanging out, watching a fireplace video from Netflix, Dad with his decaf, Mom with Cider, and me taking samples of both when they are not looking. Then all of the sudden Mom will yelp. Not suttle, but loud like a rat crawled up her leg. A real loud shriek that wakes neighbors and stops squirrels in their tracks. Then they wrestle for a bit….yuk!

So I have been teaching Dad about Geocaching. He is pretty good….I am a master of it. All my abilities to sniff and look have led to a great partnership. He finds cool caches on, loads them into his gps and my iPaw, load the Jeep up with lots of snacks, and head out for a day of adventure!

I love running through the woods and the desert. With my doggie packs on, I bound out of the Jeep when Dad says its okay and we hunt down the cache. I love all the toys inside. Yep I am all about traditional caches, the ones you trade stuff….most of the stuff I trade for has to be chewable….most of the stuff I put in the cache….already chewed….

Sometimes we let Abby and Ranger go….Abby is really good at it….Ranger likes to eat poo….yuk!

We usually end the day with 5-10 caches under our belt, stop off for a quick snack and head back home where the wrestling matches continue….

As long as they don’t start dressing with the funky costumes and mask when they wrestle…..yuk!



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