Bath Time

I got to go to work with Mom today…which is cool because I can hang out, checkout chick dogs, and talk to Mom while she works. I thought is was a hangout day….

I was tricked……it was bath day….

C’mon ….really? On Friday? You know I am headed strait for,the woods this weekend….mud, snow, and mystery stuff to roll in.

I really don’t like baths. Dad has even tried to make them fun. I just don’t get it. Mom is into baths. Every night she is in there for like 3 hours…and you can’t tell me its not….I’m a watch dog….I know time.

She is in there long enough to have like a six course meal. Ranger and I nose our way in because there are all kinds of treats. The other day there was a milkshake, a few energy drinks, and beneath the bubbles was some kind of something brewing….we kept hearing bubbles rumble to the top. Maybe she has a BBQ grill in there. I heard her say something about gas…

Anyway I got my useless bath today….ready to hit the trails with Dad in the morning…


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