Going into Business…. Doggie Day Care

I miss the days I could go to doggie daycare. Mom’s new gig has her gone when everyone else is home, so I have put on a few LBs hanging out with nothing to do. So I am starting a doggie daycare! Seriously….I am barking at mom to get this thing going. She is home during the week and she can offer great day care for pups and I would have friends to play with! Preety cool eh? So if you know of anyone that has a pup that is lways stuck at home or has to go to some cramped kennel….and lives in theBoise area….mom and I will keep him or her! Cool yard, lots of room inside, tons of toys, and a couch we cancrash on!

Come on and play!


UPDATE: Mom found a gig with a really nice vet and without all the drama or odd work hours….so I need a play date…..

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1 Response to Going into Business…. Doggie Day Care

  1. Nugget thinks Doggy Daycare is the bestest thing ever! We think it’s money well spent.

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