What…no Santa?

Man am I bummed…. I can’t find a Santa anywhere to take my list. I know I had some “incidents” this year but nothing so bad that Santa would by-pass the whole BOI area. My buddy Antoine at least got pics with an elf….well he says she was an elf. Somehow getting pics with an elf with a job resume that has 38-26- 34 on it doesn’t sound like one of Santa’s helpers…then again….

Then Abby didn’t go see Santa last year and this year isn’t even mailing him a letter. She is going to blow it for me and Ranger. My world is quickly going out of balance. Mom texted tonight and said that Santa Paws showed up at work….but she texted Dad and not me…. He was out with Abby and left his phone….crud….Santa Paws creeps me out, but at least he hooked me and my buddy up last year…if I only had keys to the Jeep…

So Santa….if you are out there, I sure wish you would come out to BOI so I can see you and tell you that I am really a good puppy.

I stopped playing cup hockey at 4 am and now only pounce at 630…

I limited my coffee stealing to mornings Dad is getting his hair cut and have learned not to spill it over and only lick off what is left on the outside of the lid….

I have been nice to the rodent living in our tree….

As hard as it has been, I have not placed my nose in a single inappropriate place…except for the blonde at the car show, but that was on a dare so it doesn’t count…

When I bit through the fence, I let Dad know right away by standing in Bruno’s yard and barked (name changed to protect Bruno)

Found that maniac dog we fostered when he escaped….

Stopped sending small puppies down playground slides…. (that was barking funny)….

See it has been a tough year and I really need a Santa….


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One Response to What…no Santa?

  1. Misty says:

    Dont worry pal, he knows you are a good pup

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