Blog Fading

Yep I know…so just quit your yapping… I blog faded for awhile. Been busy keeping Ranger and Dad in line. We have spent a whole summer traveling around in the Jeep letting people know about adventure, rescue pups, NBRAN, and other stuff.

I am the luckiest pup in the world and I let my Dad know it all the time. When he walks in the door, when he is working in our man-cave, and especially at 4 in the morning when I pounce on him.

Now I’m not sure how much he appreciated it, but the other day when he took mom to breakfast, Ranger and I tagged along in the Jeep. I couldn’t help to notice that the pillow in the back was over-stuffed….and knowing that ranger like a squishy feel on his pillows I took a bunch of the stuffing out. I also modified Dads iPad cord. Well I modified all the cords going to his GPS, Ham Radio, iPad, iPod, and his phone. I converted his whole off-road navigation system to a wireless set up.

So far this summer I have been all across Idaho, Oregon, and got a peek into Nevada. We have loys of pictures, post cards, and man, I got doggie treats at every coffee place that offered them! We even had a cool picture of me and Dad on the Snake River when we took my Dad’s Dad (Grand Paw Dad?) that is HUGE! It is getting framed by a special lady who frames people and dogs!

Speaking of coffee….did you know that you can get pumpkin spice coffee right now? Dads not into it…but Mom is….and she falls asleep on the couch allot and can’t figure out how she can sleep after having so much coffee….in the mean time I’m using it like barking jet fuel to propel me through the yard!

Also, I got to play we Abby allot to help her become a flag football star. She runs around in the backyard with us to get faster. Now if I can get her to chase squirells.

Speaking of which….I found out there in a Ninja school in our tree…but more on that later!

Not Fade Away


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