Night Ops

Well mom has been working at a new clinic and though we don’t go to doggy daycare anymore, I get more time with her at home and more time with Dad at night.

She is working as the ICU nurse on the night shift on weekends. This means she sleeps during the day. This means Ranger and I get to cuddle wih her on Mondays and Fridays. This means I am nocturnal and drive Dad crazy Tuesday to Thursday! It also means Dad has to get us out of the house so she can sleep on Saturday and Sunday…all of that translates to ROAD TRIP!!!!

It also means that Mom looks like a zombie at 4 in the afternoon. Its kind of fun to see her staggering her way to the shower during daylight hours…think Lindsay Lohan after a binge and on her way to community service.

Its been tough to be good for her and sleep all day…well no it hasn’t sleeping all day in the summer is pretty cool…oh yeah…no pun intended…but yep— a great way to stay cool. The hard part is not to hit Dad with all my pent up energy.

Since I am a Ninja– working the night shift is easy since we Ninja’s prefer darkness. We are night warriors…masters of the dark…we own the night. Ranger–once again is not a Ninja– he is afraid of the dark…

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