The Chump

Somebody help me see the bright side of this… I just get my Dad back, we are headed out for a road trip this week, there is a rumor we might hook up and spread some good news about NBRAN through Adventure IQ…and “Chump” shows up!

“Chumps” mug shot…turn to the right…


Okay he is pretty cool- not.  He is pretty quiet…not…and it’s like he is not even there…NOT!

His real name is Champ and he was turned in to one of those kill shelters in the Jerome area. After talking to him I guess he was pretty close to getting the needle like me. So we have that in common. He is a bit more of a hick than me, but we will get that worked out. He says he has Ninja skills and is a proven escape artist. I told him life here is pretty good so he should put those away.

I guess too often people get involved in a cause and never follow through. Sure, sending cash to your local food bank is cool, sending the cans of Hominy- not so much. Donating nice clothes to a charity- good…donating stretched out undies…not good…well in this case Dad decided to hold on to his over grown corn and keep his laundry to himself and jumped in to save this mutt. Its like moving from giving that toothless guy money for a burger and taking him into Sizzler for a steak….bad hygiene and all.

At a year and a half, he is still a puppy. He has no social skills, and not only did he pee on Dad’s bushes…he dropped a load right in the middle of the race track! Dude- come on—we got a special place for that!

Getting to know my foster brother…crap…I said “brother”

I think he is only here for a week or so— but if you know a good home…BARK IT! If you know a couple of humans who breathe and can speak halfway intelligent, let them know I have a pup for them.

Living in hominy…

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