Dad days of Summer

I love days like this–

Dad picks me up early from puppy care…We get in the Jeep– he buckles me up and we are OFF!!!!

So today he took me to Lowes, where I get to meet other people, then to Zamzows where I get to sample different treats, and then to St. Arbucks to worship glorius COFFEE!

We’ve been missing our Saturday doggie dates for a few weeks and I think he feels we are losing touch with eachother. I think this is partly due to his time away for work and me hitting my puppy pre-teen years. Dad says I’m acting out alot, hanging out with the wrong pack at daycare and listening to music he doesn’t understand. I mean, I think Def Lep was cool, like when I was 18 months old, but now that I am almost 14 in puppy years, well those guys are looking a little aged….Dad needs some hipper music.

He’s also been on to me about cleaning my kennel. Why should I make up my bed? I’m just going to sleep in it the next night any way…and speaking of sleep…he says that’s all I do. Well…if stuff wasn’t so boring maybe I wouldn’t sleep. Working in the yard…boring, Cleaning the garage…boring, Sunday drives…boring, episodes of Arrested Development…super boring….oh- that airport thing…flying in the plane….really….really boring. Why do I sleep……stuff is just boring.Image

I need excitement– I need friends to come over and dig in the yard, turn over the trash, chase some cats, eat something crazy like penutbutter. Maybe I’ll get a tattoo…..or worse!

Okay– I’m rebelling– I really love doing all that stuff with Dad– I just like time with him….

Filled with Teenage Angst!


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One Response to Dad days of Summer

  1. Silly Willie in MN says:

    Just be glad they have not labled you ADHD , like me. Dad wants to change my name to Andy, a human kid at the school he works at. I love running around and woofing all the time to get people to notice me. I can also get the other dogs to join in and eventually we are all so annoying mom just gives us a treat. Ice cream (frozen yoguart) for doggies. Yip Yip Yipee! Whaaa Hoo have a great summer.

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