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Have not had a great deal I wanted to share. I took some time off from the blog, jumped on the opportunity to take a break, and signed up for a Zumba class.

So Dad has been working really crazy hours but I have been effective in guaranteeing snuggle time. Mainly because he is so tired he doesn’t notice when I slither up to the couch. If I am sneaky enough I can get into his nachos and lick the cheese so lightly he never notices I have been into the bowl. I am a nacho ninja!

Sneaky is the opperative word for Brit pups. We have natural stealth hardwired into us. Some say this helps us in the field as we sneak up on birds… I believe its so we can get our share of coffee. I have been able to pull a burger off the bun at a picnic. I have licked the juices from a t-bone undetected. I have replaced water for company in their glass taken so tactically from the white bowl, the visitor believes their glass is always half full. I am a great host. I create optimism.

I do so much ninja stuff it is crazy. I have a secret ninja path from my yard to the yard next door. There is a trap door that allows me to go to the neighbors yard and launch ninja missions from there. I try to use my ninja powers for good, like ambushing the kids, taking their ice cream, and ducking back in before anyone knows.

One of my favorite tricks is when hanging out with Dad in the garage. He is always busy working on the jeep, building an rc car, or inventing something. I sneak my way over to the dog food and help myself to a midnight snack. Yes it is a midnight snack because Dad never sleeps.

Ranger thinks he is a ninja. He is all black and hides pretty well in the dark. But he sucks at sneaking and is always bumping his head into the wall and stuff. He is what Chris Farley was in Hollywood Ninja. I’m working with him on his skills. I gave him some nun-chucks but he just chewed them. Ninjas are bright…. Ranger is bright….like a distant planet….like one not in our system….like a Pluto….but Pluto in a distant galaxy….one Star Trek hasn’t found yet…..

Being a ninja is so cool. Everyone wants to be us. There are games,movies, costumes, etc. if everyone was a ninja it wouldn’t be so special.

Well that’s the bark for this week. Sorry for the delay…I’ve just been doing too much cool stuff and gathering my energy for the new year…..




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