Tis the season

Oh this is so much fun!

Dad and I have been out doing some shopping for Christmas!

I love the smells, the food, and even people when they are not shopping or driving! Lots of music and there is something in the air…..

The TV shows like Rudolf and Charlie Brown Christmas…..and Santa!

Man oh man! I got to meet Santa! He was really nice and gave me doggie treats! I did growl a bit at first….big guy, red suit, big white beard…..

But now we are good…. I asked for some BSU stuff, a new bowl, and a doggie pack for going bacacking with dad.

Shopping with Dad has been fun and I know what everybdy got!

Well I hope everybody has a great season….remember its not about stuff. I am thankful for my new home and family. I know there are pups out there who will be in shelters this season and I am sad for them. I am blessed to have a good home.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Barking New Year!


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