Overlanding with Dad

Before we get started this week I want to tell you something happy and sad….

The sad news is that I have a good friend moving away and I won’t see her…the really happy news….HARPER FOUND A HOME!!!!

Dad says I need to get used to this since we will be fostering other pups in the future. I will miss her but at the same time I am really happy for her. Plus then I don’t have to share Dad as much.

So Dad took me OVERLANDING this weekend. We went to Atlanta, a historic, rustic mining town that has a population of 20-30 active miners. There is a saloon and dry goods store there. It was named by Confederate sympathizers when loads started coming out of the area.

Coming out of Boise, we hit Hwy 21 where I slept most of the way, then over a really scary one-lane bridge- High Bridge. The 60 bumpy miles on the Middle Fork Road. we stopped at Arrowrock Dam and Reservoir because I drank allot of coffee before we left. The road is all washboard and there are several spots where you have to strategically find a pull out and let oncoming vehicles pass since it a narrow road. I got to say “Hi’ to allot of people through Dad’s window.

We stopped at the Twin Springs Resort population 2- but dogs aren’t allowed out of the Jeep there. Lots of spots to pull off for lunch, etc. on the way and we stopped and played along the way.

I accidentally got in the camera’s way when Dad wa shooting video and he got a full half minute of me watering the grass.  If that wasn’t bad enough he posted it on Youtube!  I’ll get even…I have a camera on my iPaw and I see plenty of content to bark about!

About 2 miles from Atlanta we had to turn around. The roads were glazed with ice and with steep drop offs into the river. Dad was nervous and got real religious as he sucked in the drivers seat through a certain orifice.

We saw lots of rock slides and even braked in time before a bowling ball sized rock bounded down and crashed into us.

I hope there are more runs like this- this is so much fun!  I even chased a couple of grouse– still trying this bird-dog thing you know.

Look out Dad-- I'm Driving!

The best two parts were lunch and a nap. Dad grilled a couple of steaks for us and then threw out a mat to nap on.

We got in way past dark. It was a full day!

Just Jeep’n


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