Friends with Benefits

Okay my dad is driving me crazy. The man never sleeps. He goes to bed, sleeps for about an hour and then is wide awake…..ugg….he is always inventing, creating, or just laying there. He’s like That guy in my Winnie the Pooh book, Tigger, but on caffeine! Bouncy!Bouncy!Bouncy!

who could resist hanging with this guy?

I think he needs friends. I mean I’m is best pal, he loves his family, but he hangs with no one else. He knows other guys but he doesn’t have any real male bros to go eat wings, work on cars with, or go to a man cave and watch football. Sure he does lots of rugged “manly stuff”, but he is the most non-social person I know- which is confusing since he is great with people. I think he is shy…really? I mean I watch this guy teach survival and stuff and he has a cool personality. He’s barking funny come to think of it!

He must have lived in his parents basement, never dated anyone,  and played video games in a past life because the man thinks his social life is either on a video screen or a podcast. I’ll bet there is a D and D Dungeon Master book and a box full of comic books somewhere hidden in his past. My guess is he either met mom on or was fixed up by somebody on a blind date. He is great with crowds but can’t talk one-to-one if his life depended on it. I am about to change that.

The dude needs a social life outside of Mom, Abby, and me. What the bark? I need some space! So I’m on a mission to find him a buddy.

So I went to craigslist under the section “men looking for men” to see what is available. Not really happy with what I was seeing. But did give me insight on how to write an add for my Dad.  I even hacked his email account for work and I hope he will soon start getting responses from guys all over the Treasure Valley to go hang out, go to football and hockey games, camping, and stuff. I figured that his prospective partner in crime would want to hang with me as well so I include a brief description of me as well. I’m part of the package. And if we can find that special guy for Dad to pal around with – well I just thought I should prosper from the benefits as well.

Two Healthy Males Looking for a Friend with Benefits Hey guys I”m a young fit male and want to introduce you to my man. But first about me. I’m into typical ruff stuff, like my collar and leash, howling at the moon, romps in the outdoors, and I’m learning to play with balls. I’m easy going and not the dominant type. I love snuggling and belly rubs. He’s definitely the top dog and very much the alpha male. Together we like to roll in the grass, wrestle in the house, and snuggle on the couch. He’s driving me crazy and keeps me up all night so I need you to wear him out for me. I’m okay to tag along or just watch you two have fun. Friendship first is a must.

So that’s it– if you know of anybody that needs somebody to hang with hit me up….I really need to get Dad hooked up with a guy.


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