Sit/Stay … and the Emo dog

So Dad was working with me last night on Sit/Stay.  I really think he should seek professional help. Not so much for his mental well-being- but because I’m special and I think he could use some assistance.

He’s pretty cool and doesn’t get rough or anything– but the slightest change in his voice made me shutter. I mean– we’re not talking yelling or anything, just the slight “ahhhht”, caught me off guard. I think its something in my past.

I come from Jerome, Idaho. I was bred as a hunting dog. But somewhere along the way I didn’t cut the grade. I hate loud sounds, I don’t fetch, and I am skidish about the outdoors. I don’t do well with verbal correction and not really how to take a compliment. Treats are okay…so maybe I’m food motivated. I come from a line of backyard breeders who saw me as a way to make money and taken in by a family who didn’t understand me or my breed. I was left at a vet’s office with all sorts of ailments and scheduled for death row. I hate Jerome and never want to go back there. Thanks people…. you suck.

My backyard breeders.... you guys suck

My backyard breeders.... you guys suck

Yes, somewhere in the past I was left to the wayside, disowned, perhaps abused. I’m like a four-legged Skillet song. Abandoned for what ever reason- it has an effect on me. I am still searching for my place in this world. Not sure if I will find it, and some days I just want to hang out, listen to songs on the iPaw and forget. Thankfully my new family loves me. I know I’m not what they expected, but they love me regardless. All they ask is for the opportunity to love and spoil me. No more yelling, no more getting called “stupid dog”, no more collar yanking.

I think allot of humans have this same experience whether literal or figurative. Ranger tells me about some of the wounds both Mom and Dad have had this last year with losing family, and I know from talking to my Dad that he has had some sad things happen to him the past few years. I just want to put my head on them and let them know that I am there for them.

So I will keep working on those skills that will make me a better pup and at the same time run from my past into the arms of a loving Dad who loves it when I lick his face or put my head on his chest.

I guess in some way we are all broken. Learning to sit/stay is just one way I learn to be part of the family. So I’ll keep working on it…and maybe that fetch thing too…

I’m there for you…


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