RC Fun

So my Dad and Abby are into RC Car racing… and its FUN!!!

So I guess I do know how to play!

So we have this really cool track in the back yard. Most of the time Ranger and I run around on it. And since it has tree bark, rocks, a bridge, and other obstacles, its kind of like an agility course with tackling. Which when you think about it- agility contest would be allot cooler if you had 4-5 dogs running on it at the same time…like K9 motocross! You could have dogs jumping over stuff– cutting off each other as the go for a line, bump or check each other…. Yep, if you could take agility, motocross, and hockey… maybe even a ball in there….or cats…. like lacrosse……and then the RC Cars!!!!!!  But I digress…..

Dad's mini revo "getting some"

So anyway- Dad and Abby were racing last night and Ranger loves to chase and hop around the cars. Well I found this was fun and I could actually bite at the car….which made the car run away.

So the learning to play thing is coming along pretty good. I woke Dad up again this morning. I found he’s more fun to play with when its dark and he’s stumbling on all fours in the floor.

Today will be cool….. I’m going to meet my first horse. Mom is heading out to do some work with another vet tech (who has great legs…. hubba-hubba) and Abby is going to ride. I never met a horse- but everybody calls Ranger a horse when he either pushes through the kitchen or passes gas.

Man…. I’m really stuck on this doggie moto-cross thing. I may have to think of a way we can do that…..

Bones heal, chicks dig scars, pains temporary, and glory is forever…


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