So my Dad had some appointments today and after he was done he came by the vet office my Mom works at to pick me up for a guys day out.

Man we were all set to watch re-runs of hockey, hit the pet store for some treats and a new toy, play in the sprinkler, and chew a few socks together. I was even thinking off showing him how I can bend my body all the way around to sniff my own stuff. Just regular guys hanging out.

Then enter cats.

I don’t dislike cats. I just don’t get them. And I really don’t get cat people. Let’s analyze this through a totaly rational experiment to prove my hypothosis that dogs are much more symbiotic with humans than cats…..

Let’s take our two test subjects, one dog (Spike) and one cat (Kibbles). We will then introduce them to a mobile labratory….the trunk of a car. We will then drive down the most disrepaired roads in Idaho….anything in Canyon County will work. We expose them to this enclosed environment for equal periods of time. At the end of the alloted time we open the trunk. The cat will bolt off to never be seen again or even perhaps introduce you to severe acts of feline violence. Kind of like a trailer park queen I know in Garden City. The dog on the otherhand and unlike the woman wearing curlers and spandex will lick you, hug, you, and immediatly be you closest ally. The Garden City lady is a cat person by the way. Keeps hundreds in there I’m sure.

Forgive my digression into overly theoretical barkings….

So today while Dad and I were watching hockey and competing for the best odors we could create…. Mom called because she was bitten by a cat. I was just about to teach him how you can lift up both legs and use your upper body to drag your bottom on the floor…’s fun and feels really good.

She had to be taken to the human vet where they gave her shots and some medicine. When I first heard about this I felt sorry for Mom. Not because of the shot but because they probably had to take her tempurature. I don’t like that either Mom….but smile because the human vet probably scratches you ears afterwards. Hey….I just realized that I see Dad scratch your ears allot. What’s up with that? Do you have allot of fevers?

So anyway…a cat ruined my day with Dad.

So keep in mind…. Cats…..the other white meat….



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