Cheat Grass

So much is happening so fast. It just seems like yesterday that I got a ride with a human named Penny and her Vizsla pups to my new Dad.Penny was really nice and its people like her that help NBRAN . Penny and Sue helped me find my new Dad.

I forgot to mention that while I was getting some surgery that they found “cheat grass” deep in my ear.

Cheat Grass or Drooping Broom is terrible stuff for a dog. That stuff gets in you and it only travels one way- usually deeper. My buddy down the street told me through IB (instant bark- its a chat app on my iPaw) that he just got it in his nose. That’s terrible- they’ll probably have to sedate him like they did me. It gets into any place it can on a dog. There’s a good write up on it on a Wiki page  if you want to check it out. We have a ton of it here. My brother Ranger brings some home with him and it tries to grow in our yard. Dad kills it by burning it with a torch. Ranger says he tries to check us before we come home from playing in the desert but somehow it always finds its way here. I was lucky they found mine way down in there and could get it since I was already getting surgery.

Well its off to bed but I thought I would share with you a bit about Cheat Grass. I’m feeling a bit better since I started my new medicine. Check out the links and keep you pups clear of that bad stuff…. and say a prayer for my buddy Tucker who got the stuff in his nose….

Piece Out-


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